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Here’s a list of all our Scottish Bound book club selections for the year. We will be discussing these books throughout 2023 on Zoom (each discussion will begin at 6 PM and last approximately one hour). We are currently working on contacting the authors, inviting them to join us in our conversation. We have our fingers crossed that at least one author (or maybe two!) will be able to join us. Here’s the list and the schedule below. We hope you can join us too! Happy reading.

  1. Companion Piece by Ali Smith – Fiction – Thursday, March 16th
  2. In: The Graphic Novel by Will McPhail – Thursday, April 20th
  3. Gary Maclean’s Scottish Kitchen – September 15-17th at the NH Highland Games
  4. Children’s Book Selection TBD – Thursday, October 19th!
  5. Putting the Tea in Britain by Les Wilson – Thursday,  November 9