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Mission Statement

To preserve and perpetuate Scottish history, culture, traditions, customs, literature, music, dance and athletics through advocacy, education and celebration including but not limited to public events, lectures, concerts, demonstrations, scholarships, grants and classroom opportunities.


Any and all grants, scholarships, or other awards given by the NHSCOT FUND will conform to one or more of the following purposes:

1. To endow and fund educational scholarships to be awarded to deserving persons as determined by the NHSCOT Board of Directors to pursue Scottish studies.
* To promote education, including granting scholarships, to attend educational exchanges with schools and colleges in Scotland.
* To promote programs, workshops, speakers and discussions about Scottish culture, tradition, and history.
* To promote Scottish Clan awareness, membership, and organization.
* To promote Scottish arts and literature.
* To support and enable the exchange of people to strengthen ties between Scotland and the United States.
* To promote Scottish Highland athletics, games and competitions.
* To promote and preserve Scottish dance, music and related competitions.
* To encourage the development of Scottish pipe bands.
* To promote other Scottish competitions and Scottish events, with the intent to promote Scottish culture, traditions,
history, understanding and appreciation.

2. An NHSCOT Board member or employee’s immediate family members may not directly apply for a scholarship. It is recognized that a Board member or employee may indirectly benefit from a grant or scholarship. In such an event, the board of director will recuse him/herself from all discussions and voting on the subject application.

3. Awarded grants to an organization range up to $3,000 and to an individual up to $1,500. Grant proposals are considered individually and amounts should be commensurate with intended outcomes and the scope of the event/course of study. Efficiency in use of the funds, however large or small the request, is always considered in funding decisions.

4. Proposals may be approved in full or in part. In most cases or partial funding the FUND will request a new budget to specify how the funds will be spend. Some proposals may be conditionally funded; i.e. payments will be made upon proof of certain accomplishments or upon obtaining sufficient matching funds from other organizations.

5. The applicant shall include mention of the grant by the NHSCOT FUND in all press releases, news conferences and other media contact concerning the event. All materials developed or published for the event, including brochures, announcements, flyers, manuals, reports, etc., shall mention this grant. Copies of the NHSCOT FUND logo suitable for reproduction are available upon request. Recognition of the NHSCOT FUND will not be in the form of certificates, plaques or similar mementos.

6. Requests for no cost extensions of grant periods or amendments to the grant parameter or use of funds must be submitted prior to the event. You will receive written notification stating whether or not your request has been approved.