NHSCOT highland games festival banner our history and mission



NHSCOT is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and preserve Scottish culture for future generations.


To be the Gateway to all things Scottish.


NHSCOT embraces the Scottish values of stewardship, education and hard work to build community and celebrate our culture.


NHSCOT has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a clan picnic in 1975. Inspiration from that success, led to the initial Highland Games in 1976, from there, to an annual event and to formalizing the status of the organization into a 501(c)3 nonprofit named The New Hampshire Gathering of the Scottish Clans, Inc.

Today NHSCOT® is a Federally Registered Trademarked nonprofit business organizing not only the annual NH Highland Games & Festival, but an online Scottish Bound Book Club, a lively music event known as Beltane, an amateur heavy athletics training known as Rocks, Hammers and Trees, a family friendly Scottish New Year celebration called Hogmanay, and the annual Great Kilt Skate. Additionally, competitions, guided trips to Scotland, Try It classes and workshops are scheduled throughout the year to further NHSCOT’s mission, vision, and values.

Dedicated to the furtherance of Scottish culture and traditions, the NHSCOT Fund awards grants and scholarships to deserving individuals and organizations with aligned purpose. The NHSCOT FUND’s merger with the Scottish Scholarship Fund of New Hampshire in 2017 now allows more funds to be distributed on a quarterly basis.

In 2018, NHSCOT realized a dream when it founded the Pipes & Drums of NHSCOT. Incredible band leadership has already doubled the size of the band. Free Try It classes are offered to newcomers wishing to learn how to play the bagpipes, snare, bass or tenor drum. To sign up for a free Try It class go to our Upcoming Events page.

As of 2020, we are excited to offer the New Hampshire Tartan. It was originally developed for the 20th anniversary of the NH Highland Games & Festival and now the sales of yardage and products though NHSCOT will contribute to our NHSCOT FUND as well as the sustainability of NHSCOT.

Adding to our repertoire, Highland Dance of NHSCOT was introduced in 2022 offering customized classes for the ages and skills of each participant. Try the first eight weeks free or one of our Free Try It classes offered to newcomers wishing to learn Highland Dance. To sign up for a free Try It class go to our Upcoming Events page.

NHSCOT looks forward to what the future holds as the organization continues to grow while building a strong Scottish community to celebrate and preserve our culture.