NHSCOT highland games festival banner 1sheep dog trials


On Friday, sheep dogs and sheep take center stage on the athletic field. The dogs, guided by their handlers using personalized whistle commands, are judged on their performance and efficiency to guide a pack of sheep through obstacles in the fastest time. Winners are noted on the Campbell Cup trophy. This competition is invitation only. Don’t miss seeing these amazing animals as they fly through their paces!

Congratulations to the 2022 dogs and handlers!

1. Barbara Erickson & Brook
2. Tim Molinero& Finn
3. Ginny Prince & June
4. Chris Bowen & Griff
5. Brenda Buja & Callie
6. Lynn Deschambesult & Vic
7. Chris Bowen & Nickle
8. Dave Young & Shim
9. Brenda Buja & Josie
10. Dave Young & Mia