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Virtual Heavy Athletics Event: Weight Over Bar

Rob Muelenberg Heavy Athletics

Virtual Heavy Athletics Event: Weight Over Bar – Rob Meulenberg competed professionally in Strongman from 2006-2011, top 10 America’s strongest man in 2009, current or former record holder for squat and deadlift in California and Maine, current or former record holder in keg toss and standard deadlift, 2014 Highland Games Amateur World Champion, professional Highland Games athlete since 2015 […]

Virtual Heavy Athletics Event: Sheaf Toss

Braidy Miller Heavy Athletics

Virtual Heavy Athletics Event: Sheaf Toss by the current World Record holder in the Masters M45 division and the M50 divisions, 2 time Masters World Champion, and regarded as one of the greatest sheaf tossers of all time Braidy Miller.

Virtual Heavy Athletics: Caber Toss

Dirk Bishop Heavy Athletics

Virtual Heavy Athletics Event: Caber Toss by Guinness Book of World Records holder in the tandem caber toss, 5 time Canadian Caber Toss Champion, and one of the greatest Canadian Highland Games athletes of all time Dirk Bishop!

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