NHSCOT highland games festival banner pipe and drum band


Our Mission

To help build the next generation of pipers and drummers in support of our mission to preserve and promote Scottish culture for future generations.

The Pipes & Drums of NHSCOT will further the advancement of Scottish culture by introducing the tradition of Highland Pipe Band to communities through performance and education.


Founded in 2018, The Pipes & Drums of NHSCOT follows the model of traditional Scottish pipe bands which are sponsored and supported by local businesses and their community. NHSCOT will manage the band and offer stability and a built-in infrastructure. Gibson Bagpipes has partnered with NHSCOT for this venture and will offer years of experience in band management and equipment needs. The band will serve as NHSCOT’s duty band and will perform at our NHSCOT events.

The band’s leadership will focus on education, education, education –supporting NHSCOT’s mission. Initially, the band will be a multi-generational, inclusive band which will perform in three to four parades a year, and a similar number of competitions as well as special events. Elite competitions will not be a focus. Competitions will serve to sharpen the skills of band members and allow them the opportunity to offer Try It classes to the attendees of the Games where they are competing.

The group leading this initiative came together to fill a need for more bands and stronger musicians in the Northeast. The Pipes & Drums of NHSCOT strongly supports NHSCOT’s mission to preserve and promote Scottish culture. Education will be a key component of NHSCOT’s future.


Within 3-5 years, our long-term goal is to partner with a school to develop a teaching program for piping and drumming, as well as to establish a youth pipe band. As students develop, they will become members of the regular pipe band to be fostered by more experienced band members. Once enough students are ready, a youth pipe band will be formed and will focus on more elite competitions and improving as musicians as well as being ambassadors for NHSCOT.

Practice Schedule

The Band rehearses at NHSCOT’s headquarters located at 25 Triangle Drive, Suite 4, Concord, NH 03301.

Practice Schedule