Petur Gudmundsson

World Record Holder

Adjudicator from Iceland: World record holder in the Braemar Stone Put and 3 time Olympian in the shot put.



World Record Holder

Hafthor Bjornsson from Iceland set an overall World Record in the 56 lb weight over bar with a height of 19ʼ4”, which cleared the mark by over a foot. He then deadlifted 1160 lbs on specially constructed Jon Pall Wheels. In 2015, he broke the record with the Loon Stones with a carry of 140ʼ 10”.


Magnus ver Magnusson

World Record Holder

Adjudicator from Iceland: Won title of World’s Strongest Man 4 times, won Iceland’s Strongest Man title 8 times, and twice placed 3rd in Scottish Highland Games World Championships.

2017 Winners


Professional Division

  1. Daniel McKim




Masters Division

  1. Mike Zolkiewicz

Amateur Division

  1. Bill Waddell


  1. Petur Gudmundsson, Iceland

  2. Magnus ver Magnusson, Iceland

Field / World Records

* World Championships Records

Braemar Stone - 26 lbs

Sebastian Wenta 2013*


Open Stone - 16 lbs

Petur Gudmundsson 1999


28 lb weight for distance

Spencer Tyler 2016


56 lb weight for distance

Jake Sullivan 2013*


Light hammer 16 lbs

Bruce Aitken 2004*


Heavy Hammer 22 lbs

Daniel McKim 2013*


Weight Over Bar 56 lbs

Hafthor Bjornsson 2015


Loon Stone Carry

Hafthor Bjornsson 2015


Jon Pall Stone Carry

Hafthor Bjornsson 2014


Strongman Weight Over Bar

Hafthor Bjornsson 2014


Past Cup Winners

Disabled Athletes

2016 Winner
Brandon Boyd

2015 Winner
David Bonfiglio


Female Standing Winner: Courtney Mould
Female Seated Winner: Mikayla Briere


Male Standing Winner: Peter Keller
Male Seated Winner: Brandon Boyd

New England Disabled
Heavy Athletics 

Heavy Athletics Disable Athletes

  1. In 2011, the New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival hosted the first New England Disabled Heavy Athletics. Partnering with New England Disabled Sports, NHHG&F developed the first adapted heavy athletics to be able to include disabled athletes. The Scots' Charitable Society proudly sponsors the New England Disabled Heavy Athletics program each year.

Heavy Athletics Highlights


September 18 - 20, 2015