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Bagpipe: Eryk Bean

Try It means just that, band members will offer opportunities for those interested in a hands-on simple introduction to the bagpipe and/or drums. Try It opportunities hosted by the band will be offered at all events where the Pipes & Drums of NHSCOT is competing, whenever possible.

Learn about the iconic Scottish bagpipe and test your pipes with a practice chanter.  The bagpipe belongs to the woodwind family.  Bagpipes consists of a bag, a chanter which carries the melody, and usually one or more drones which play a chord. Then either a blowpipe or bellow which allows air into the bag.

The best way to learn to play a bagpipe is to start out on the practice chanter, which looks very much like a recorder.  This way you learn the fingerings and embellishments without having to keep the bag going steadily, which is often a distraction.


Sep 12 2020


11:15 am
Try It Tent


Try It Tent
90 Loon Mountain Rd, Lincoln, NH 03251
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